And I am going to apply that strategy for Medium

I started vlogging

Travel vloggers are the reason I started watching vlogs on youtube. Before that, youtube was merely a search engine for me.

In college, I was that guy who shot and edited birthday videos for the group. I even made some cool short films for college competitions. FYI, I didn’t go…

It is not just about testing the ability to absorb shocks but also getting better after absorbing those shocks

We can learn a ton of things about ourselves just by observing and analysing our actions. It might come as a shock as you realise that you are a completely different person than you thought to be. There are things that we do that are beyond our understanding.

One such…

Vaibhav Bhosle

Hi, I am here to share my learnings with the world. You can check out my travelogue ‘My Iranian Diary’ on Amazon.

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